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1. Virtual Reality Experience: Create a virtual reality experience for the festival where viewers can feel like they are attending the festival in person. This could include 360-degree videos of the festival grounds, behind-the-scenes interviews with filmmakers, and interactive games related to Bavarian culture.

2. Online Film Screenings: Allow viewers to watch selected films from the festival online, either for a limited time or for a small fee. This could expand the festival's reach to a global audience and provide a platform for up-and-coming filmmakers.

3. Film Discussions: Host live online discussions with filmmakers, actors, and industry professionals about their films and the filmmaking process. This could be a great way to engage with viewers and provide insight into the creative process.

4. Interactive Workshops: Offer virtual workshops on various aspects of filmmaking, such as screenwriting, directing, and editing. This could be a valuable resource for aspiring filmmakers and add an educational component to the festival.

5. Online Marketplace: Create an online marketplace where festival-goers can purchase merchandise, film posters, and other memorabilia related to the festival and the films being screened.

6. Social Media Integration: Integrate social media platforms into the festival website, allowing viewers to share their favorite films, photos, and experiences with their friends and followers.

7. Film Festival App: Develop a mobile app specifically for the festival, providing users with a schedule of events, film synopses, and the ability to purchase tickets and vote for their favorite films.

8. Virtual Red Carpet: Create a virtual red carpet experience where viewers can see photos and videos of celebrities and filmmakers attending the festival. This could also include live interviews and Q&A sessions with the stars.

9. Film Pitch Competition: Host a virtual film pitch competition where aspiring filmmakers can pitch their ideas to a panel of industry professionals for a chance to win funding or mentorship opportunities.

10. Film Festival Blog: Create a blog on the festival website where filmmakers, actors, and industry professionals can share their experiences and insights on the festival and the films being screened. This could also serve as a platform for promoting the festival and attracting more viewers.

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